Yassou Greece!

3 Aug

I’m blogging on my phone, so this is going to be short and sweet. Our Athens apartment is lovely, high ceilings and tiled floors. The local souvlaki place is delicious and very reasonably priced and we had a successful first day sorting ferry tickets, buying mastic products and votives and seeing soldiers in skirts.

Yesterday we got the bus to Meteora. Comfortable as these things go and only took an hour longer than we’d been told. We stopped at a service station half way and tried a delicious sticky nutty jelly thing. Don’t know what it was called but the top had been caramelised with a flame.

Meteora is stunning. Huge grey sandstone rock pinnacles looming over the little village. There are six monasteries on the top of pinnacles and caves with rickety platforms, once home to hermits. This morning we climbed the steps to two monasteries in the shimmering heat. The churches are stunning, every surface covered with paintings, icons and carvings and silver and ostrich egg lamps. The devout kiss the paintings and a member of staff follows them round, spraying the glass with cleaner and wiping. Impressive levels of hygiene.

After a restorative ice cream, Dickon’s was banana with peelable edible jelly skin, we walked down the hill back to the village past bee hives, wild artichokes and shrines, the smell of warm figs pervading.

We’ve been listening to Percy Jackson and My Family and Other Animals, eating Greek salad (obvs), grilled meat and oregano crisps.

PS I can’t upload photos because I’ve used up my storage and I really can’t be faffed to work out how to sort that on my phone. If you want to see my pics, I’m on Instagram, user name vwallop!

One Response to “Yassou Greece!”

  1. Chris Mosler 03/08/2014 at 5:06 pm #

    Sounds heavenly. I lived off Greek salad, hummus, yoghurt, fruit and honey when I was backpacking the islands many years ago…still my favourite foods. Monasteries sound fab. Did you kiss a painting?

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