On our very first day in Australia we sweltered around the Opera House then went to the Botanic Gardens and availed ourselves of the choo choo train.  We saw fruit bats and our sandwiches were eaten by pesky ibis.

Almost every day we visited the Victoria Park Pool and sometimes the playground.  The heat made the latter, which was brilliant, very hard work.  The children usually turned purple in 10 minutes.

We visited my cousin Guy in the burbs, admired his stunning views and came home in possibly the fanciest taxi ever with disco lights and a movie.

We also visited Jilly, who gave us lunch and a puppy to play with and took us swimming in the netted area on gorgeous Balmoral beach.

The giraffes at Taronga zoo have possibly the best view in the world and we loved the seal show, despite the lack of shade and the scorching sun.  The Tassie Devils were very cute, except when they were savaging a piece of raw kangaroo.

Sydney Aquarium has to be one of the best in the world.  We loved and dugongs eating lettuce, and the baby shark which you could see wriggling inside it’s backlit egg.

We celebrated Australia Day in Darling Harbour with the Wot Wots and the Koala Brothers.  Vegemite ice cream was not a highlight, but the thousands of patriotic Aussies were.

We loved the Powerhouse Museum where we saw spy and ABBA exhibitions.  We excelled at the ABBA karaoke.  Zoe’s house was very popular with the children who spent ages moving building blocks from one side of the room to the other.

Susannah Place in the Rocks was very special.  We also like the Rocks Museum, which had lots of information to fill in the gaps.

We kept up our glockenspiel tour of the colonies with the clocks in Victoria Arcade.  We particularly liked Charles I getting his head cut off.

The Sydney Museum provided welcome respite from the heat with a charming exhibition of Edwardian Photos of Sydney.

We enjoyed a day at Luna Park, with it’s bonkers old fashioned rides, then we cooled off in the North Sydney Olympic Pool, which has to have the best view of any public pool in the world.

We spent three chillyish days in the Blue Mountains, for most of which I was confined to bed with a pulled ligament in my foot.  The amazing chocolate shop over the road from our motel provided welcome entertainment.

3 Responses to “Sydney”

  1. Amy Savage 22/09/2012 at 7:19 pm #

    I love this article, what a great resource for first time parents on the road with their kids! Sydney sounds like a fun place to take my children!


  2. Deanna 25/04/2013 at 11:56 pm #

    A friend of mine recently moved to Sydney, I can’t wait to go visit! I have wanted to go to Australia for quite a hile, now I have no excuses!


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