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Clip clop, clippety clop

7 Jun

When I asked Eve what she wanted for her birthday back in March she said a Butterscotch Pony.  I said over my dead body, or words to that effect, but that she could have a riding lesson on a real horse instead.  She asked if I would come with her, so only two months later, on a rainy Tuesday, we turned up at Wimbledon Village Stables for our joint lesson.

After almost 20 years on a horse, it felt very high up, but as soon as we reached the bridleway across the wet green field, it sort of came back to me.  Eve was a natural and spent the entire time with a big grin on her face.

The rain turned out to be a blessing.  It felt like we had the whole world to ourselves.  Our soundtrack was the soft thud of the horses’ hooves on the earth path and the drip drip drips of water falling from the leaves.  In a world of damp browns and greens, robins hopped from branch to branch and squirrels scurried across our path like a real life version of Bambi.  Our lovely horses, Alice and Cookie, knew exactly what they’re doing and even my inexpert riding doesn’t matter.

After an hour of quiet contemplation and viewing the world from a new angle we returned to the stables.  Eve’s first question was “When can we go again?”.  Soon I hope.