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In Search of Sylvanians

25 Mar

Norwood Mouse Family (UK) by magw21

If you’ve never heard of Sylvanian Families, let me enlighten you.  They are small fuzzy animals, dressed in Edwardian clothes, inhabiting an idyllic, rural European setting of gypsy caravans, canal barges and ice cream carts.  All with teeny tiny accessories.  Imagine the casts members of Fantasyland in Disneyworld as six centimetre tall rabbits, and you will have a fair idea.

My daughter has spent many happy hours playing with these creatures.  I must confess that I quite like them too.

Along with another favourite, Hello Kitty, the Sylvanian Familes originate in Japan (of course!).  So imagine the excitement when Eve and I were looking for Sylvanians on the internet, and discovered that in Japan, there is a Sylvanian Families theme park.   Unfortunately the website is in Japanese, so it’s not a lot of help to me.  I also think that full size Sylvanians, as these seem to be, might be rather terrifying.  However, it has been added to the ‘places we might go and see’ list.

A more relalistic Sylvanian destination is one of the themed restaurants in Japan or Bangkok.  I’m not sure in what way they are themed, other than having European food (pizza) and selling a selection of toys, but I’m definitely curious.

Whether we visit theme parks or not, I do know that Eve is already saving her pocket money for the Japan leg of the trip.  You can never have too many tiny teacups.