A short list of things I’ve learnt this week

17 Jul
  1. In Japanese archery, you must not think about hitting the target, but about the gracefulness and beauty of your actions.  Then the arrow will reach the target of it’s own accord.
  2. Wasabi grows best in fast flowing water at an optimum temperature of 13 degrees centigrade.
  3. Wasabi tastes nice in everything, even chocolate.
  4. Japanese castles are fighting fortresses.  They don’t have loos.
  5. The placing of small piles of salt on your doorstep is a Shinto ritual to keep death out of the house.  Shinto is the basis of many aspects of Japanese life including Samurai archery and Sumo wrestling.
  6. Japanese houses are designed to be inhabited by graceful, careful people with spare, elegant movements.  Not by a pair of small boys who have discovered the joys of sumo wrestling.  Luckily,  sliding doors are quite easy to put back on their runners.

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