A short list of things I’ve learnt this week

12 Jun
  1. There are almost ten million people in Saigon and five million scooters.
  2. There are very few traffic lights in Saigon.  Crossing the road is interesting (see above).
  3. You have to wear motorbike helmets in Vietnam, by law (see point 1).  I have never seen such an astonishing array of designs.
  4. There was a monk in the Mekong Delta who started his own cult.  You were only allowed to drink coconut milk and eat coconut flesh.  His temple looks like a dodgy funfair.
  5. There is no Facebook in Vietnam.
  6. Restaurants in the Mekong Delta all provide rows of hammocks for post meal napping.  Exceedingly civilised.
  7. Each year, every commune votes for who is their poorest family, and the government builds a house for them.
  8. Snake spring rolls very tasty.
  9. There aren’t cemetaries in the Mekong Delta, you bury your relatives near to your house so you can look after them.

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