Moving on

10 Apr

It’s always hard moving on when we’ve been somewhere a while.  After two weeks in Singapore, we’ve worked out the buses, know where to get a good pizza and can negotiate the Tang’s-Ion underpass without getting horribly lost.  We’ve got comfortable.

Moving on means gathering all our belongs from obscure corners of the appartment, spending inordinate amounts of time searching for chargers and Lego minifigs, and squishing everything into backpacks that seem to have shrunk since we last used them.  It means getting up far too early to queue for tickets at the impressively grand but slightly shabby railway station.  It means arriving in a new place of uncertain wifi and ensuiteness.  Strangely for someone undertaking a round the world trip, I’m not a fan of change.

But if we don’t move, we won’t see orangutans, sleep in a bunk on an overnight train or eat sour mango with chili and sugar.  And these are all very good things indeed.


One Response to “Moving on”

  1. Millie 10/04/2011 at 11:18 am #

    Where are you off to next? Lots of news for you, are you picking up emails?xx

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