A short list of things I’ve learnt this week

9 Apr

1) You can apparently buy chewing gum in Singapore (I’ve not actually seen it for sale), but only sugar free.

2) Fish congee (rice porridge) is surprisingly delicious.

3) Cinema tickets in Singapore are about £4 and the films have Mandarin subtitles.  Cheap AND educational.

4) You are supposed to stand on the left hand side of the MRT escalators and walk on the right.  Hardly anyone observes this, which surprises me.

5) Preventing tropical diseases is astonishingly expensive.

6) Selling or letting off fireworks in Singapore is punishable with up to six lashes.

7) You can tell if a statue is of Buddha because all the toes are the same length.

8) At a Peranakan wedding, the bridegroom’s family gives the bride’s family a raw leg of pork.  This is an acknowledgement that they are receiving a virginal bride.


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