A short list of things I’ve learnt this week

16 Jan
1) Kiwi kids are really really good at the monkey bars. Which means that adult Kiwis must have excellent upper body strength. I haven’t any proof of the latter.

2) If you wash your clothes every two days, it takes less than three months for them to fall apart.

3) Paua fritters are interesting. But not in a good way. Paua shells, however, are very pretty.

4) Even toddlers wear jandals, or flip flops, in New Zealand. How do they keep them on? I was about 15 before I managed it.

5) Either we’re really really slow, or Kiwis are hopelessly optimistic about how long it takes to get anywhere.

6) Ice lollies are called ice blocks or paddle pops here, there may be a difference between the two, but I’m not sure what it is. Sweets are called lollies. Lollipops are called lollipops.

7) Flight of the Conchords’ lyrics are hilarious, but possibly inappropriate for children. However watching your children fall over laughing every time they sing “they poisoned their asses, with poisonous gases” is an experience not to be missed. And it’s Kiwi culture, so that’s OK.


One Response to “A short list of things I’ve learnt this week”

  1. Anna 16/01/2011 at 11:31 am #

    Loved this list – it’s great hearing a new perspective on my country! Some thoughts:

    1. No I am no longer my strong despite once being one of those monkey bar kids…
    2. If you need new clothes may I recommend getting some of the travel stuff from Kathmandu while you are in NZ, the boys had two pairs each of their zip off quick dry trousers, literally any stain washed out in a hotel basin, they dried in minutes and they only fell apart in our last week of our 8 month RTW jaunt. Flo had a pair of the size 2 trousers the same and hers are still going strong. I had the zip off trousers and a couple of shirts and mine are all still in good condition after being worn literally every 2nd day for that whole trip. No they aren’t paying me, but I think they should!

    5. Haven’t noticed the optimistic travel times in NZ. Kiwis do drive very fast on narrow winding roads though, not being used to British straights main roads. We felt very exposed back on NZ roads after the UK and Europe where main roads seldom have a dual carriageway. Are you going to Kenya or Zambia? We were gobsmacked by times there. Every morning in Kenya they’d tell us the clinic would be a 20 min drive and it was seldom less than 2 hours!

    Enjoy your travels!

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