One careful owner, going cheap

4 May

We are planning to sell our car before we go travelling.  It’s almost ten years old, covered in dents and scratches and the back seats will never recover from the numerous car sick incidents over the years.  Or the squashed raisins, mouldy crumbs, sticky juice and sand which seem to be ingrained.  Do you want to buy it?  No?

Never mind, if we can’t sell it, we’ll just dump it somewhere because storing it would cost more than it’s worth.  You’re not allowed to dump cars?  Really?

Hey ho.  Cars are so blinking expensive.  Which is why we are not going to buy a car when we return.  We didn’t used to have a car, we only bought this one when I was pregnant with the five year old.  Until then, we managed with a combination of London’s extensive public transport, taxis and friends and relatives for pick ups from stations, but we still do that.  As the only driver in our house, I’d much rather take the train to visit the inlaws and save a lengthy drive.

During the last few years of car seats, it’s been a great benefit having a car, particularly when the little darlings have fallen asleep on the way home after a day out.  But we only use our car about once or twice a week.   We walk to school, Steve cycles and gets the tube to work, we often get the bus on days out.  If we didn’t have a car we’d just get the bus more often, with the odd taxi thrown in.

Our plan is to join a car club, and only pay for a car by the hour.  It may not necessarily save us money, but it’ll certainly save the hassle of keeping a car.  No more servicing, no more MOTs, no more insurance quotes.  It’s greener than us owning a car, I think.  And the clincher?  There’s already a car club car on our street.

It seems to be a plan without a flaw.  And it’s not often you can say that.

Now, where was I?  Oh yes, do you want to buy a car?  Only two careful owners…


21 Responses to “One careful owner, going cheap”

  1. TheMadHouse 04/05/2010 at 2:28 pm #

    Good for you. When I lived down south before children I didnt drive at all, didnt know how, but I needed to learn. I have to drive most places now because we will in the back of beyond!

    • itsasmallworldafterallfamily 04/05/2010 at 2:43 pm #

      I’ve told the OH that I won’t live outside London for that reason. He can’t drive so I would be the family chauffeur and I don’t like driving enough for that…

  2. Vegemitevix 04/05/2010 at 2:59 pm #

    Quite relieved it was the car, not one of the kids! LOL

  3. Liz 04/05/2010 at 3:01 pm #

    We went down to one car when L was a baby. We only have a car now, as we live rurally and it’s such a pain in the ass to get anywhere without it! But if we lived in a city I doubt we would anymore.

  4. Crystal Jigsaw 04/05/2010 at 3:03 pm #

    You’re so lucky not needing a car and having good public transport. I live in the middle of nowhere, I really don’t know what people did before cars – I suspect everyone rode horses!

    Sorry, I’m not going to buy your car on this occasion; it was the raisons that put me off. Oh and the sick.

    CJ xx

    • itsasmallworldafterallfamily 04/05/2010 at 7:42 pm #

      I know, we may not have fields and mountains, but there are advantages! Shame the sick put you off…

  5. becky 04/05/2010 at 3:06 pm #

    Unfortunately I run my own book business so need car to transport all my stock! Do try and walk around at the weekend but my kids both need driving to school/nursery due to distance. Hoping when I move that I can fit in a lot more walking by better planning…

    • itsasmallworldafterallfamily 04/05/2010 at 7:43 pm #

      Yes, I think I would have a car if I ran a book company. Books are heavy!

  6. molly campbell 04/05/2010 at 3:06 pm #

    Found you on Twitter. Anyone with your name (I love Wallop) and those sticky children, who is going around the world is VERY INTERESTING indeed. You have a lot of courage, and I will be interested in following your adventures! Best to you! molly

    • itsasmallworldafterallfamily 04/05/2010 at 7:46 pm #

      Thank you. I’m not sure if it’s courage or foolishness…

  7. PippaD @ A Mothers Ramblings 04/05/2010 at 3:28 pm #

    Have you considered putting it on ebay? Our car sold on ebay…

    • itsasmallworldafterallfamily 04/05/2010 at 7:45 pm #

      Ebay is a really good idea. My SIL’s sister might buy it, but if she doesn’t I look at that.

  8. shar13 04/05/2010 at 3:29 pm #

    Living in a small market town I never had a car, all the shops were within walking distance, albeit a mile! The nearest train station, however, is 12 miles away, so if I want to go to London for example, that’s a bit of a pain. Husband had a company car, but when we first got married I was too young to drive it, being under 25 and got used to walking everywher. We used to have to wait to do a big shop at the weekend when he could drive us the 17 miles to the nearest superstore. At least now you can get shopping delivered!

    • itsasmallworldafterallfamily 04/05/2010 at 7:45 pm #

      I get a lot of my shopping delivered, anything bulky and things that are boring to shop for.

  9. Mummy Mania 04/05/2010 at 7:57 pm #

    what a great idea! We have two cars (aaagghhh!) and would love to dump one (well we actually plan to when hubby’s work merges into one location and he won’t need to commute ) but still… no more car seat? what a joy.

    • itsasmallworldafterallfamily 05/05/2010 at 2:16 pm #

      Our youngest is still in one, but all three will be down to boosters by the time we get back from our trip, so it’ll be relatively easy to transfer them from car to car.

  10. Modern Dilemma 05/05/2010 at 12:53 pm #

    I think it is a brilliant idea! If I was still living in an urban area and the kids were all past car seat stage (you’re right, that end of day out sleep is precious!) I’d be doing the same thing too. Now we are country-dwellers we couldn’t be anything except a 2 car family which is something neither of us is comfortable with but life would be impossible without and the truant officer would be showing up!

    MD xx

    • itsasmallworldafterallfamily 05/05/2010 at 2:18 pm #

      London has many disadvantages but being able to walk everywhere is a huge advantage.

  11. Muddling Along Mummy 10/05/2010 at 9:06 am #

    If we were still in London we’d not bother with a car – its just not necessary and such a hassle (ours kept having its wing mirrors knocked off which got expensive)

  12. Muddling Along Mummy 10/05/2010 at 9:07 am #

    Oooh is the map behind here from Bangkok? Just thought I recognised a road

    • itsasmallworldafterallfamily 10/05/2010 at 10:44 am #

      It is indeed! A point is awarded to the lady with the boob!

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