Live to eat or eat to live?

18 Mar

dsc00956In my family we subscribe to the former – my Dad will travel many miles if he’s heard about a good restaurant.  However, my family pales in comparison with most Thai families.  My first trip to the country was to stay with a family friend in Bangkok.  I’ll never forget the seriousness with which they took their food.  Every evening there would be an in depth discussion of our meal, its ingredients and cooking methods.   Once we’d finished talking about the meal we were currently eating, my hosts would move on to suggestions for what I should eat the next day.  And they assured me that they weren’t unusual, that everyone in Thailand is obsessed by food.

For me, one of the pleasures of travel is in trying new foods and eating like the locals.  I can chart my journeys by memorable meals – sushi for breakfast in Tsukiji Market, the amazing hawker stalls in Singapore, a picnic of sticky rice and barbecued chicken by a waterfall in Northern Thailand, the freshest mozzarella in Naples.

Back in London, we are lucky that we have such a huge choice of food shops and restaurants of all varieties.  Some of our favourite family outings include seeing ice cream being made at the ice cream parlour, watching bagels being baked in Brick Lane or visiting the bee hive at our local honey shop.

Our children are pretty adventurous eaters, as children go (is there a child in the world who likes cabbage?), and Edward in particular will try anything, the weirder the better.  Aged four, he’s already eaten scorpion, jellyfish, fried worms, liver and chicken’s feet.  One of his favourite questions is “where in the world do they eat…”, so we’re looking forward to taking him to markets all over SEA.

As we travel, we’ll be sharing our food stories, good, bad and yucky.


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