Take a deep breath…

24 Feb

In September 2007, I was very sad about Eve starting in year one after her first six week school summer holiday.   I had felt that our time together was too short and that she was growing up very fast.   Before I knew it, both boys would be at school as well, and our lives would revolve around swimming lessons, football club and too-short holidays.  Around the same time I came across two blogs on the internet – Six in the World and The Fleming Family blog – which immediately struck a chord. 

Before we had children, Steve and I loved travelling and our time off work was spent doing interesting things in far off destinations.   However since having children, we’ve stuck closer to home because it seemed so daunting to embark on a big journey with small children. 

When I discovered the travel blogs, it was at a time when I was feeling ready to head further afield, but it had not occurred to me to embark on anything more than a three week holiday.  I realised that long term travel was something I would love to do as a family and when I tentatively mentioned it to Steve, he was immediately enthusiastic.  I’ve been on a six month rtw trip before, when I was 19, but I assumed that we would be waiting until the children left home before Steve and I could take a long trip together.  Here were people who had actually done the very thing that I would love to do, and they returned home not only unscathed, but positively enriched by the experience.

From that moment on, I resolved to see what I could do to make it happen for our family.


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