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How to build a den in the woods

19 Apr

Yesterday we spent all day on Wimbledon Common. It was a gorgeous sunny day but bizarrely, we had acres of woods all to ourselves. Not that I’m complaining. What did we do with our day in the woods? Build a den of course.

My Street

31 Mar

We are not travelling to run away, or because something is lacking in our lives (other than sunshine).  We love where we live.  We love our little arts and crafts house with it’s heart cutout banisters and beautiful fireplaces with their built in overmantels.  We love our tree lined street full of families with small children.  We love our local high street with it’s market full of friendly stall holders.  Fruit always taste better when it’s been sold by Ted and Barbara.  We love our children’s school with it’s teachers who dance to the Glee soundtrack and give lessons in den building.  We love that every time we walk down the street we end up chatting to friends until someone’s child starts yelling “stop talking Mummy”.  We will miss all of this while we are away and it will soften the blow of coming home again.

We’d bought our house before we walked through the front door.  It was the cherry tree that sold it to us.  We came to look at it on a rainy May day.  As we huddled in the porch, waiting for the estate agent, we both looked at the beautiful mature cherry tree standing on the pavement in front the house and separately thought “this is where I want to live”.  We were lucky enough to get our wish.  Every April, for two glorious weeks, I wake up to the most beautiful, palest pink, double cherry blossoms outside my bedroom window.  The top picture is the bark of MY tree.  I walk past it countless times every week.  Sometimes, I stop and look at it, and I remember how lucky I am to live where I do.

This post was written for The Gallery over at Sticky Fingers.  This week’s theme is ‘Outside My Front Door’.

And THIS is why I love London so much

12 Mar

On Wednesday I was wandering through Soho and saw this.  It’s fake hair.  The building is an art gallery which used to be a gunmakers.  History, bizarreness, art.  We’ve got it all in London.

London Wetland Centre

12 Mar

The London Wetland Centre is a lovely place were you can learn about camouflaged bugs, flying feathers and mating shrimps that aren’t really shrimps.

I’m sure it’s 42 beautifully landscaped hectares are even lovelier on a day that’s slightly above freezing, but as we seem to have entered a mini ice age, I may never find out.

We’ve pond dipped, stroked ducklings, zipped on the zip wire in the fabulous playground, admired the wide open spaces and gorgeous planting.

Next time, we might even go in summer.

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Gong Hei Fat Choi

26 Feb

“What was your favourite thing about Chinese New Year?” I asked Eve as we travelled back from Soho on Sunday afternoon.

“Nothing was particularly my favourite, I really wanted to watch the dancing dragons, but we could hardly see anything through all those people’s legs.”

“What about the atmosphere, I enjoyed that?”

“What do you mean, atmosphere?”

“Drumming so loud you can feel it in your chest, babies dressed in colourful silk outfits, the warm wheaty smell of steamed buns, reedy flute music playing over the tannoys, busy stalls selling paper dragons and red and gold souvenirs, the popping and sparking of fire crackers, escaped balloons floating up into the clouds, streets festooned with rainbows of paper lanterns.  All of that is atmosphere”

“Oh, yes, my favourite thing was the atmosphere.”

This post is part of Photo Friday at Delicious Baby. For lovely travel pictures, click here


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